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arts and crafts classes in bangalore

Arts and Crafts classes in Bangalore

Arts and crafts describes a wide variety of activities which involving making things with one's own hands. Arts and crafts is usually a hobby, And sometimes it may be professional work or job. It involves drawing, coloring, sketching, Oil paint, Water color Painting, Embroidery and many more.

Arts and Crafts classes in Bangalore: Drawing Class

Drawing is one of the forms of visual art that makes use of drawing elements to mark a two-dimensional medium or surface. Instruments can be pencils, pen, inked pen, ink brushes, color pencils, etc. drawing various types of drawing nature drawing, human drawing, abstract drawing etc.

Arts and Crafts classes in Bangalore: Coloring classes

Coloring is an act of changing the color of object. In subjected to your interest and making an object more beautiful or colorful

Arts and Crafts classes in Bangalore: Sketching Classes

Sketching is free hand drawing with the help of pencil or pen whichever suits their comfort level. In other word A sketch is a quickly executed freehand drawing that is not usually intended as a finished work. A sketch may serve a number of purposes.


The complete guide of sketching from A to Z. You can come to know what to do what not.This book completely gives a idea on sketching, preferred tools, materials, particular sketching style and more so feel free to embrace or reject. Anything you read here. Some of the material you can be found here scattered. You will defiantly enjoy reading the sketch materials out here.

Why to sketching: Reason for Sketching

Sketching is one of the best goals in your life, and just does not have end. The activity would be great.! And the result would be more thrilling later on you can see all sketching in hanging in a gallery. Some peoples are think nothing else and obsessed with sketching. Never do they not need a reason to sketch. But for the rest of peoples, there are few possible reasons.

Trust yourself you can do. Most people’s cannot draw because they doesnot have confident about themselves. Sketching is great way to utilize a time, when you are waiting in line or queue. Or waiting for bus, train, and plane. Like public transportation or before meeting or lectures.

Sketching always gives you a reason to get out of the house on weekends or holidays and visit places around town. As well as city near to your home.

Finishing of sketches give you a sense of satisfaction. Especially when you have filled an entire sketch book within a small amount of time. It’s a way of bringing a life in joy with satisfactions

One thing in sketching is great way to recognize and get praise. Like you did a wonderful job. Well done.

Sketching will give you an expression expression to the artist. Make a career in the field of art. And don’t waste your ability.

Sketching will help you to see the world around you, and remembering the things in detail. It even helps you to redefine the world in your life make it better best.

Way you sketch: How to Sketch:

Sketching and art is not like a math, There is no rules in sketching except didn’t put paint.Most of books will describe on how to sketch, can also be described or summarized in very detail manner, and Tel you how you can sketch like very efficiently if you are so inclined. Suggestion will take you to closer your ideal sketching style or it may take you farther from it! Here are some tips which you may find relevant.

Simple sketches: Just jump right in!

When you find a subject to sketch and didn’t do it that time, that blank page can put fear into your heart. It happens not too much frequent even to sketchers who have been doing it for many years. It happens only peoples who want to sketch occasionally to like how do you begin?

First just jumping right in no matter how hard it would be and checking your brain at the door is one good way if you can manage it with all other skills to put sketch in proper manner to draw. This works only on very simple subjects. Least intimidating tool pencil will work defiantly. No matter you can jump in with a brush or pen but it takes more courage. But it gets easier after you have had a few positive experiences with sketching in delivering.

If I'm sketching a any image with a brush, I will defiantly just jump right in with ink, Usually starting with the top of the head and working down. Usually the nature of brush lines is spontaneous, continuously moving and lively, and there is a lot of freedom sketch well as you think and to deviate from the model when it come to matter of sketching strangers.

Visualize is important: On paper

If you are sketching big or complex, Only one way to start to focus on subject rather than other things and quickly start sketch on papers and then remember the subject in the mind, and until unless u imagine in mind sketching is very difficult to draw. After imagination you can realize how can you do it in more proper or efficient way then If you can imagine the subject as a sketch in your style, then you won.

This is also a one of the key to sketch based upon subjects. Suppose If you can see the sketch in your mind eye with fully focused thoughts it would appear already in a paper with appearance. This is the ability of thinking out of the box, and does it yourself with proper manner. Because we all are have unlimited amount of possibilities to deliver, when come to the field of sketch we can do better in that field also.

Method of Tracing: Trace it in the air

Also, with big, complex subjects you should trace it from other sketches Its very simple one way to take your pencil and start trace with a subject on air get a feel for the relationships and various angles with various parts of sketches. In many sketches you can hold your pencil out in front and determine the angles outlines, More opten you can rise the top one side to sketch to see how sketch is looks like original with perfect angles. But tracing is usually surprise you defiantly.

Basics of sketch drawing

The traditional way of sketch drawing you find lots and lots of books to describe in depth details like how to map, between the angles relationships and basic shapes systematically. Lots of cubes, sphere and in a matrix of perspective lines from sketch drawing point of view.

This method can be very frustrating if you get the basic relationships wrong in the beginning, or miscalculate the location of vanishing points. You also end up with a lot of construction lines, that need to be erased. I've pretty much like this kind of method.

Continuous line contour drawing

Take your pencil and start drawing exactly what you will see in front of you as a camera, by tracing a lines you can do it as much as easily. And always ataying aware of angles. It does not matter how objects are constructed or what would be behind them. The only matter they appeared in your point of view. If you are able to produce angles and relationships in proper manner.

Don’t lift your pencil because it gives you one more way to measure as well as verify distances as you it travel over the paper. Just let the pencil ramble over the paper in a continuous line. Suppose If you come to the end of a line and you can assume you completed the picture. Initially you have to keep very light lines. And there may be chances of making big mistake, By simply redraw without erasing. These mistakes are much more attractive than construction lines.

You can draw as slowly as you need. In the long run this method will probably take less time than the traditional method, and it would be much more accurate -- and interesting. This would be more accurate than moving very fast ( Fast Tracing the pencil on a paper )

Arts and Crafts classes in Bangalore: Oil paint

Oil painting is the way of painting with the help of paint oil. Commonly used oils include safflower oil, poppy seed oil and walnut oil. Traditional oil painting techniques often begin with the artist sketching the subject onto the canvas with charcoal or thinned paint. Oil paint is usually mixed with linseed oil, artist grade mineral spirits or other solvents to create a thinner, faster or slower drying paint.

Arts and Crafts classes in Bangalore:Watercolor Painting

Watercolor Painting is a Painting method in which the paints are made of pigments suspended in a water-soluble vehicle. The term "watercolor" refers to both the medium and the resulting artwork. The traditional and most common support for watercolor paintings is paper.

Arts and Crafts classes in Bangalore: Glass Painting

In simple word glass painting is referred as painting on glass surface, It may be smooth surface of glass or hard surface of glass. This is one of the ways on paining, but glass paining is quite difficult compare to all other painting, because you have to paint reversely on glass surface then only you can see perfect image of drawing.

Getting started with glass painting You’ll discover everything.

Things Needed: Glass paints, Glass or glass item, Sponge White spirit, Paint palette, Glass outliner, Paint brush,


1. Waterbased

2. Non-waterbased

Waterbased paints:

Tools are easy to clean, drying within 20 minutes to 30 minutes.

Non-waterbased or Solvent based paints:

Can be diluted with thinner drying time is 2 hours.


There are mainly three different ways:

1. Glass paint outline stickers – these are ideal for beginners to glass painting and are best used on flat, smooth surfaces. Starting in one corner to another corner gently peel up glass surface. When using a large sticker it’s very difficult to make more accurate way to position of the paint. By placing the glass item over the top of the sticker then press down. This method will not work for all kind of projects It will work only on transparent projects.

2. Glass paint outliner – these are applied by squeezing the outliner from by providing a fine outline. Many types of color ranges are available. They can only use for outline before paint can be applied pre painted surface only.

To creating a straight line with outliner touch the by applying a gentle, stretch the outliner along in a straight line.

3. Leading tape – this is another way of creating an outline, particularly on windows and doors. The leading tape comes on a roll in two different widths.

Preparing Glass:

Before starting to painting on glass surface, remove any traces of dust. Use a solvent such as white spirit or water then rub it

Applying the Paint:

Apply paint generously by using a pipette. This will give a flat, stained-glass effect. To get lighter color paint, dilute with thinner or water for the water based paint

Always pour paint into a outside mug or palette rather than using straight from the jar or bottle. This helps to prevents colors becoming. Sponging is different way of applying glass paint, this is good for covering large areas. For this two coat paint should be done. The first coat can also be allowed to dry then over second color should be applied.

Arts and Crafts classes in Bangalore: Embroidery class

Embroidery is the one kind of handicraft of decorating fabric or other type of fabric materials. Embroidery is most often used on dress shirts, hats, stockings, coats, denim, blankets, As usual all the peoples will embroidery with the help of hand, now a days there are many embroidery machines also available. Hand embroidery takes more time compare to machine embroidery.

The embroidery is use to decorate clothes, When man uses to wear cloths. A procedure or method of decorating clothing is a hard work but it looks great. Embroidery is a kind of art.

The journey of embroidery has begin when man discovered that he could use thread to join pieces of fur to make clothes. Then later on also he discovered that the same thread could be used to make decorative patterns on the clothes. This is referred as embroidery. With this approach colorful beads, stones and bones to add to these decorations.

Several many wonderful examples of excellent embroidery work are still surviving till date. Samples can be found from Ancient India (North India and South India) China Egypt, England, and Persia. Each country has its own unique style of embroidery work, which incorporates their culture and their history and tradition. Embroidered clothing was also considered to be a symbol of wealth and tredition. Many scenes from history are often found embroidered onto fabric.

The discovery of the shuttle embroidery revolutionized the embroidery industry In the 1800s. Joshua Heilmann worked on improving the design of a hand embroidery machine. This would be the revolutionized the embroidery industry as well as leading to the development of sewing machines.

Embroidery as an kind of art will enhance our civilization, making it more aware of the beauty that can be created with a needle and a thread. Designs and brilliant color patterns have infused a beauty of their own onto fabric materials, by adding to their value and worth.

Today, machine embroidery has grown very well Sewing technique making the process easier for mass production of embroidered designs with the help of computers.

Now a days all machines would be embroidery computerized machines. With the help of computer you can all designs would be will read designs and stitch for you. Technology revolution would help in embroidery industry much easier to do.

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